Temporary Based Services

UK Skills Supply Ltd do provide staffs for short term periods as based on the operation’s need of employers. Short term contracts assist clients to get their job done by talented as highly skilled staffs.

Permanent Contracts

UK Skills Supply Ltd provides staffs for permanent or long term contracts. Staff selects and recruitment for various services held by our highly skilled recruitment panel. UK Skills Supply Ltd provides permanent contracted staffs for office administrations, HR, pharmaceutical company, security company, staff of hospitality industry and for construction sites. Our Staff is highly skilled, enthusiastic and thrive to learn new skills

Service Commitment

The Service commitment is our unique selling point. If an contract has been approved then its our responsibility to complete it. We as a company holds responsibility for the services completion on time, as assigned to us by our clients.

Employers Feedbacks

Our clients feedbacks are very important to us. It assists us to improve our services to meet their needs; by providing trained staffs and with development in our services.